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“…Notre attention est donc portée par les rimes de la rappeuse. Là où elle brille, justement.”- André Péloquin, Voir (Full review here)

“Xania is an artist with contagious energy. Her songs are as good onstage as they are on her album, with bonus visual elements and humour. A young artist you have to see live at least once. It’s impressive to watch this one woman band have fun on stage, making us smile.”- Olivier Dénommée, Camuz (Full review, in French, here)

“…there are elements of rap in Xania, and modicums of folk, and pepperings of pop, and a smattering of (how dare she!) tap-dancing. But what might also strike the listener is what this album isn’t: it isn’t pretentious, it isn’t presumptuous, it isn’t dishonest, and it sure as hell isn’t the product of the minimum input by some dollybird trying to make a quick buck with empty, soulless, chip-and-pin music-by-numbers produced by dudes with frozen dicks. It’s a forthright, straight-backed, imperfect, take-it-or-leave-it group of songs about living on the road, shitty promoters, broken hearts, starting all over again ass-broke, and finding happiness through it all,”- Leonard Cohen’s Guitar Tech. (Full review here)

“Xania creates the unimaginable,” Jan van Hamme, Unikosmos. (Full review in German here)

“Bravo! Bravo bravo bravo! C’est vraiement bien!” Catherine et Laurent, CIBL Radio, Live in studio
Full performance/interview:

“The album allows deep insight into Xania’s emotional life – she emotionally strips herself naked….It’s a trip through Xania’s experiences as a street musician in Canada, Berlin and throughout Europe. You get the feeling of participating in her travels, and her most intimate thoughts,” Tantepop. (Full review in German here)

“In her shows I see a lot of theatricality…and musically speaking, a style that belongs to her,” Zykia Mendez, CISM Radio.

Voir Interview
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Voir Album Review
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Xania’s album (released on May 25th, 2013) charted in several cities, making it to #1 in Edmonton.
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Critique de Salon Album Review
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