My First Solo Album

I’m making my first solo album. It’s been bubbling under my skin for years. But I was in a band that used all my creative focus. We made albums together but they weren’t really mine. I thought I didn’t have the skill to arrange a full album of songs on my own. But opportunity can… Continue reading My First Solo Album

Apple Picking

The apple orchard was smaller than I remembered. The grass was yellow. The branches were low. I saw your red sweater flash in the warm sun. Making my head spin. The memory was thick. And more beautiful than what was before me. I pushed away your smell, your beard, your smile. I don’t want to… Continue reading Apple Picking

ImageFor 5 years I moved around, like a gypsy.

Sleeping on rooftops, basements and too many apartments to count.

Playing music with a soul-mate.

Eating, sleeping, breathing music.

Now I find myself in my mother’s closet,

on the other side of the ocean,

with a broken heart.

Being healed by home.

I’m starting over.


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