Re-adjusting to Montreal

The arc of my time in England began with me playing alongside Arctic Monkeys replicas and boys with guitars; I stood out. People didn’t know what to make of me.  But the more I played, the more things clicked.  My last show was packed with people singing along to my songs and I felt like all the hustle paid off, I was part of a beautiful group of local creatives.A year and a half in England, and Montreal has moved on like a jealous mistress.  I have to squeeze my way back into the scene.  When I first arrived in Sheffield, I had to decline offers for shows in Montreal, and now I’m declining shows in Sheffield.But, to be  honest, I’ve been reconnecting with family and old friends and putting music to one side.  I spent two exciting weeks in Mexico with family, a relaxing week in the country with friends.  Although I feel a little overwhelmed by this city, it’s time to take it on. Inspiration is gathering like a storm in my rib cage.

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