The Possible Universe

Life is anything but fragile.  On our planet, some creatures have evolved to live in sulphuric acid.  Some live in complete darkness with no eyes and skin white as chalk.

So when I think of the infinite Universe, I imagine all sorts of possibilities.  Maybe some creatures live on a planet made of pure gold and lay in a reflective sun bath all day, with strands of grass for jewellery.  Maybe some are invisible, making it easy to sneak up on prey.  Maybe some have tunnels for faces, and can walk through eachother’s heads to listen to their thoughts.  Maybe some are stuck in a time-loop, reliving the exact moment they were about to taste pancakes for the first time for all eternity.  Whatever one can imagine, may exist.  And more, beyond the scope of imagination, beyond our senses, beyond our colours.

I’ve been feeling shy lately, but I want to be more public about what I’ve been up to.  After a small draught, I’m finally in the midst of a creative storm.  The skeletons to 10 new songs are dancing in my computer, waiting to be fleshed out.  They sound very different from previous albums, maybe I’m finally discovering the language of music and can be a bit more precise with my expressions.  I’m very excited about it!  When the album will be ready or released is still to be determined.

I’ve been playing lots of shows in eclectic places lately.  An ethical Christmas market in a repurposed funeral home, a magical house party, a play about the sea where I performed as a tap-dancing jellyfish, an all-night rave.  The Sheffield community is welcoming me into their down-to-Earth, hint-of-a-smile, cautiously-caring community.  I’m finally beginning to thrive in their creative incubator.


Photos taken by Bionic Bobby at:

The Food Hall – (freecycling food community/events)

The Shipping Forecast– (comedy cabaret show at Dina)

Dutty Bass– (rainbow rave)

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