High Times in Europe

Things go wrong on tour.  Every musician knows it, expects it and wants to avoid it.  And I hate to gush, and I hate to brag…. but Saturday night was perfect!

We played at a theatre in Darmstadt, Germany.

The show was sold out, the audience was attentive and so full of love, the sound was excellent, the atmosphere was magical and heart-expanding, the hosts Alex and Torsten were helpful, generous, lovable.  It was a perfect evening, I couldn’t have hoped or dreamed of anything better!

This is how my week went:
Tuesday- Played a secret show in Berlin during the Boddinale Film Festival after a 70 minute documentary about a schizophrenic Portuguese Poet.

Wednesday- Played a small bar run by a Canadian in Neuköln.  Crocheted pictures of horses hung on the walls.  The crowd was full of familiar faces and we danced like silly.

Thursday- Drove from big Berlin to a bar called ‘Klein Berlijn’ in the Netherlands.  We performed to a room full of chatty, drunk Dutch people.  The bartenders were smiling, happy, hyper people.  We stayed with sweet Ineke and Tom and ate Dutch things like stroopwaffels, Gouda and hagelslag.  And we met a Dutch girl who hated lots of things, especially Alexander Marcus.

Friday- Played at Extrapool in Nijmegen.  The place is majorly stylish and beautiful, with bunk-beds made of wooden boxes.

Saturday- (awesomeness at the Gute Stube.)

Sunday- Played a cool squat in Halle called La Bim with cool sound, a cool stage and stayed with two cool eastern-Germans.  We saw some communist statues and developed our stoïcness.

Monday- drove to Berlin.  Returned our rented car, nicknamed ‘Turbo Pigeon’ and started making plans for my Tiny Tour de France.

Hung out with Simon.


Setting up in Berlin


Gute Stube, Darmstadt


Extrapool, Nijmegen


Boddinale Fest, Berlin

Photos by Robert